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Dr Erdal Ozkaya, Management Member of Global CISO Forum speaking at the launch event.

Launch of Global CISO Forum announced during GEC Security Symposium

The Global CISO Forum was launched on 26 May during GEC Media’s Security Symposium 2021. Anushree Dixit, Global Head Content & Strategic Alliances, GEC Media Group announced the launch of the forum. D...

Courtney Radke, Retail CISO at Fortinet.

Crucial strategies for protection of digital businesses and customers

Since the rise of the Internet, businesses have been forced to continually shift their strategies to effectively compete in the digital marketplace. From on-demand to subscription-based offerings, all digital b...

Fleming Shi, CTO at Barracuda.

Barracuda lists top cybersecurity predictions to watch out for in 2021

Maze ransomware is retiring, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be new ransomware strains. Going into 2021, there are a few elements that I think will continue to be the main drivers for cybersecurity. Par...

Edwin Weijdema, Global Technologist, Product Strategy at Veeam.

Upholding human rights in the era of cyber information warfare

Disinformation is undermining the limitless potential of technology to be a positive force for industries, businesses and communities. In the current global landscape, barely a conversation goes by without ment...

Maher Jadallah, Regional Director-Middle East at Tenable.

Learnings from 2020 and top cybersecurity predictions for 2021

2020 was the survival year of humankind and has left in its wake security battlefields for repair. Businesses need to address mountains of cybersecurity, band aid patchwork and replace them with viable and robu...

Dor Zakai, EMEA Senior Director for Solutions Engineering, NGINX at F5.

Securing applications and APIs at the pace of modern business

The pace of modern business is driving a wedge between the way applications are developed and how they are protected. By harnessing modern infrastructure and applications, companies can better compete and adapt...

Jeffrey Wheatman, VP Advisor, Gartner.

Why small and midsize organisations need to hire a virtual CISO

Hiring a Chief Information Security Officer, CISO, may not be in the budget for small or midsize organisations as their total cash compensation can range between from $208,000 to $337,000. However, at the same ...

Krupa Srivatsan, Director of Product Marketing, Infoblox.

How a robust DNS security solution can protect IoT devices and gateways

In today’s digital economy, the number of devices connecting to the network is increasing exponentially. According to Gartner, 2020 saw 20.6 Billion connected devices with smart cities and connected healthcare ...

Threats disguised as popular online learning, video conferencing.

Cyber threats in online learning platforms jump 60% in second half of 2020

Last spring, more than 1 billion school children around the globe were affected by school closures as countries attempted to slow rising infection rates. For many, that meant a switch to emergency remote learni...

Chester Wisniewski, principal research scientist, Sophos

Sophos survey shows average cost of ransomware recovery in UAE stands at $517,961 in 2021

Sophos, a global leader in next-generation cybersecurity, has announced the findings of its global survey, The State of Ransomware 2021, which reveals that the average total cost of recovery from a ransomware a...